Tour de France: Bahrain refuses to answer questions about the investigation

Tour de France: Bahrain refuses to answer questions about the investigation

Flash press conference in Bahrain: the team refusing to answer questions about the search carried out a few hours earlier at its hotel in Denmark, the exercise was cut short on Thursday on the eve of the big start of the Tour de France.

The only words spoken during this video conference were those of the director of performance Vladimir Miholjevic: “We would like to share with you details communicated by the investigators but we do not understand the reasons for this investigation”, he indicated in an opening statement. “The team is totally focused on the race. The runners will only answer questions on this one, ”he warned.

What he repeated after a question posed to the Slovenian Matej Mohoric and the Australian Jack Haig on their feelings at the time of the arrival of the Danish police at their hotel Thursday morning at 5:30 am, the day before the start of the Tour de France . With no further questions, the team ended the press conference. After searches at the homes of several riders and members of his staff on Monday, a new search targeted the Bahrain team on Thursday. No object was seized during this search which lasted two hours, said the latter.

The training has been the subject since the Tour de France 2021 of an investigation by the Marseille prosecutor’s office. The Danish police officially confirmed this search in the hotel located in Bröndby, “on the basis of a rogatory commission at the request of the French authorities”. French police officers were present as observers, Danish police said.

Following an initial search carried out in Pau during the last week of the Tour de France 2021, leaks had revealed last October that traces of tizanidine, a powerful muscle relaxant used against multiple sclerosis (but not prohibited by the anti-doping regulations), had been found in the hair analyzes of several riders. The Bahraini team had denied being informed and the laboratory had not confirmed the identities.

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