Premier League: “12 kilos of muscle in 15 months”, Haaland’s physical transformation

Premier League: “12 kilos of muscle in 15 months”, Haaland’s physical transformation

In an interview for Mundo Deportivo Erase Steenslid, Erling Haaland’s personal coach at Dortmund, told how the 22-year-old Norwegian has physically transformed.

Erling Haaland in the Champions League against his former club Dortmund. Reuters/Panoramic

Exceptional. Phenomenal. Spectacular. Superlatives are no longer enough to describe Erling Haaland. Freshly transferred to his new club Manchester City this summer, the 22-year-old Norwegian didn’t need any time to adapt.

Already author of eleven goals and an assist in seven Premier League games, not to mention his three goals in two Champions League games, Haaland is making a flamboyant start to the season.

For Erase Steenslid, his personal coach at Dortmund, the Norwegian’s former club, his successful start to the season should not come as a surprise and reveals the player’s eating habits. “He ate menus rich in chicken and pasta but cooked without salt or oil, to which he added dishes of swordfish, sea bass and sea bream always accompanied by vegetables. As for drinking, he only consumed water to prevent concentrated sugars from entering his body. He also chose fresh rather than frozen products,” he testified in an interview with Mundo Deportivo.

“His body responds very well to training because his genetics are privileged. He gained 12 kilos of muscle in 15 months. It was crazy. We built this muscle from scratch. He was always closest to the buffet and his plate was literally a mountain of food,” he continued.

This Sunday, Erling Haaland will still have the opportunity to show his talent in a special meeting: the Manchester derby. Kick-off will be at 3 p.m. at the Etihad Stadium.

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