Modern football reduces the market for Cristiano Ronaldo

Modern football reduces the market for Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese striker wants to leave Manchester United, but his profile as a pure goal-hunter does not match the paradigm of current football and embraced by most of the big clubs

The dose of reality that is the transfer market in the football industry does not escape Cristiano Ronaldo. At 37 years old, the aura of being one of the best players in history and maintaining his status as an accredited scorer no longer opens the doors of the big clubs wide for him. He himself and his agent Jorge Mendes have been checking it out since last week they informed Manchester United of their intention not to continue despite the year remaining on their contract.

The fan of the summer market who spins his manager with such force has linked him with Bayern Munich, Barcelona, ​​PSG and Chelsea, among others, to no avail so far. It is the London club, acquired by the American tycoon Todd Boehly after the forced sale that Roman Abramóvich had to face, the one that will come closest to being able to open a gap for him in his squad. Boehly combines in the operation the impact and the commercial performance that the figure and the CR7 brand still offer. It would be his great letter of introduction to the blue fans and the commercial driver of his project.

Another matter is that German coach Thomas Tuchel finds himself in the same dilemma that Ralf Rangnick found himself in when he replaced Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in December. Both are fans of the pressure from the forwards on the opponent’s ball exit and Cristiano unbalances it because he runs little backwards. By script, he couldn’t play with Rangnick, but because of his forcefulness and what he represented, he couldn’t leave him on the bench the year he returned to United.

The value of Cristiano Ronaldo is on the rise in the market with the forcefulness of his individual numbers and on the downside with the collective failures in which he has been immersed in the last two seasons. He was the top scorer for Juventus (36 goals in all competitions) and Manchester United (24), but the tally of titles in those two courses is from an Italian Cup.

Over time, his desire to play in more central positions has increased his profile as a goal-hunter near the area. In the two seasons mentioned he signed his worst records in assists (4 and 3), far from the ten that he used to average. Cristiano has turned more and more towards a goal specialist who can still live on the sidelines of the team’s game due to his punch and his powerful aerial game, but the football that is now imposed demands forwards who do not unbalance the task of recovering the ball as much as possible. top possible or defensive returns. The vast majority of the big clubs are under the tutelage of coaches who operate under those parameters, including Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea. Not long ago, Luis Enrique made an observation in this regard without referring directly to Cristiano, in one of the many press conferences in which the lack of goals by the Spanish team and its forwards was questioned.

does not come to training

“I prefer what I have to a 30-goal player who conditions my game,” reasoned the coach from Gijón. Cristiano needs a coach who sacrifices the demands of the current football paradigm in exchange for his scoring power. He also needs a club that can afford a salary that, reduced, will never be below ten million euros net, according to various agents.
At the moment, CR7 has not shown up for the first two training sessions alleging family reasons and, according to Sky News, United do not take his presence for sure on the tour of Thailand and Australia scheduled to start next Friday. Covert rebellion or not, the Luso attacker’s intention to leave United is definitive. The non-presence of the team in the Champions League and his disagreements with the way the Glazer family manages the club spur his escape attempt. According to sources close to the United dressing room,

Cristiano did not share the ideas of Solskjaer or Rangnick, who now occupies the sports management, the position for which he was actually hired two years ago.


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