‘Maybe make it ugly and dirty’: Cub Swanson reveals plan to ‘dictate’ UFC fight vs Jonathan Martinez

‘Maybe make it ugly and dirty’: Cub Swanson reveals plan to ‘dictate’ UFC fight vs Jonathan Martinez

Considered to be an entertaining fighter by fans, Cub Swanson will face Jonathan Martinez in the co-main event to UFC Fight Night: Grasso vs Araujo on Sunday, at the Apex in Nevada.

Cub Swanson will face Jonathan Martinez.(Instagram)

With Cub Swanson heading into his 22nd UFC fight, all eyes will be on the co-main event to UFC Fight Night: Grasso versus Araujo on Sunday, at the Apex in Nevada. The 38-year-old has an impressive 13-8 record in the UFC and is coming off a knockout against Darren Elkins. The veteran fighter will be up against Jonathan Martinez in the bantamweight division, and will aim to ‘make it ugly’ to ‘dictate the fight’.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, he said, “I think he’s a tough young kid and he’s looking to take a step up in competition. He’s been around for a little bit and I think I’m the biggest name. He’s bought and he’s done a really good job at, you know, making the fight. When he’s won his fights, he’s always dictating the pace. Kind of makes people fight his fight. I think it’s going to be important for me to dictate the fight and make it my fight and maybe make it ugly and dirty and wild when he wants it controlled and and calm. I think the biggest difference between the two of us is I don’t think he likes to get hit and I don’t mind it so much. I think if I make it ugly in there, he’s not going to like it.”

Known to be an entertaining fighter, Swanson stressed on the importance of being creative. “I think it’s my desire to be creative and do things that other people haven’t done. Honestly, I just get bored in there. If we’re just standing there looking at each other, I feel like I trained way too hard to waste time. I want to get after it. I want to get into the action. We only have 15 minutes and we train months and months for it. So to get in there and get to work, that’s what I’m looking to do”, he said.

Swanson never tried MMA as a kid, and played soccer while growing up. According to him, he played at a high-level but then it came to an end after college. Following his graduation, he got into a party lifestyle and then wanted to get his life back on track. It was only after that, he joined a jiu-jitsu club and fell in love with the sport. “I felt like I needed some discipline and so I went into a jiu-jitsu school, wanting to learn a martial art. Just to give myself some discipline and guidance, I fell in love with jiu-jitsu. I had no idea what it was. I didn’t know it was ground fighting. I thought it was like Taekwondo. I fell in love with it. I started competing a lot and then I saw an MMA fight for the first time and fell in love with that. I wanted to give it a try and here I am now”, he said.

Having the most post-fight bonus awards (9) in his UFC division, he stated that the journey was never easy as he suffered multiple broken bones and a lot of setbacks. He also revealed that there were times when he thought of quitting the sport, but his desire to reach full potential has always kept him going.

Finally, having a message for the UFC fans in India, he said, “I know that the sport is just growing over there. I asked UFC before to take me out there.”

“I know how big of a country it is. I always want to go after fans, who are just starting to get into this sport.”

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